Our people are well-versed in a variety of industries including governmental, not-for-profit, real estate, and many more.


Our governmental services start with one of our guiding principles – transparency. Whether engaging in a quality audit, internal control consulting, or compliance auditing, we believe that stronger solutions lead to better places to live.

Our world is always changing. Budgets are tightening. Our governments are challenged with implementing new accounting standards, taking an active role in cyber-security and risk mitigation, and maintaining transparency in an increasingly connected world while continuing to provide essential services to its citizens.

At Grapp Lerash, we know those challenges both from industry and external viewpoints.  We have served, consulted for, and audited almost every level of governmental organization across our great nation. Our breadth of experience includes working with counties, townships, cities, and villages, as well as school districts, utilities, and authorities.

Our communities are of utmost importance; there are where we live, learn, and cultivate our deepest personal and professional relationships.  We know the importance of getting to know one another, so we always start by listening. We get to know you and your community, then tailor our approach to provide best practices and guidance.  We believe that our approach, coupled with our guiding principles, makes a difference.  You will see that difference through positive change. Let us know how we can help you and your community.


Our not-for-profit services are based on one of our most important guiding principles — community.  Not-for-profit organizations face daunting challenges in carrying out their mission, doing more with less, and maintaining accountability to donors, agencies, and, most importantly, the communities they serve.  That’s why we make it a point to volunteer with many not-for-profit organizations within our communities. Every service hour makes an incredible difference!

We have cultivated years of experience serving not-for-profit entities across many of our service lines — assurance, tax, and advisory.  Our passion for internal controls and compliance can be seen in everything we do.  We know the world is ever-changing and when you need it most, our team of advisors is there with solutions to existing problems and intuitive, forward-thinking ideas to help solve those problems that may not yet exist.

Our practice has served many not-for-profit organizations across many sectors including:

  • arts and cultural,
  • professional and recreational associations,
  • charities,
  • foundations,
  • health care,
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers,
  • private schools,
  • and religious organizations.

We provide these various sectors with services ranging from initial structuring and registration, including 501(c)(3) organizations to financial statement audits and specialized tax services. Let us know how we can give back and help your organization.

Real Estate

Real estate typically plays a critical (and significant) role in almost every organization.

Our real estate services are focused on helping our clients get the most out of their  investment.

That might mean assisting with the buy-versus-lease decision when expanding your footprint. Or you could be applying for state and local tax incentives for your development project or need help managing your project’s condominium association. Regardless, Grapp Lerash has the depth and breadth necessary to provide a wide array of solutions to help you with your most difficult real estate challenges.

Maximize the return on your real estate activities; let us know how we can help.

Small Business and Closely Held Businesses

Small businesses and family businesses have been at the heart of our nation and its economy for centuries. Our small and medium business solutions and closely held company services are designed to provide tailored accounting and reporting solutions to key decision makers.  We embrace the entrepreneurial passion. Your success is our success. Our team has many years of experience working in and with some of the most successful closely held companies and small businesses, from inception to exit strategy, and we stand ready to help.

Our practice is centered around the foundation of family business and we can help in a variety of ways:

  • ownership/leadership transition,
  • leadership coaching and human capital development,
  • business succession planning,
  • family transitioning,
  • financial modeling and projections,
  • and exit planning.

At Grapp Lerash, we are dedicated to helping guide and support our clients through the entire business life cycle. Having a Grapp Lerash advisor who shares the same values and passion for your business to help navigate the many challenges of small business can be invaluable. Let us put our entrepreneurial passion to work for you.


Forward progress and community, two of our founding principles and two principles which embody the movement of legal cannabis in Michigan and other States. Our firm, and our professionals are uniquely positioned to provide years of experience in complex deals, business structuring and guidance to companies and individuals in this growing space. Our forward-thinking solutions include entity structuring for optimal tax planning, accounting software setup and continued monitoring, and completely outsourced back-office suites so you can focus on growing your future. We take compliance and quality seriously, and have been a guiding hand and advocate for many clients, including growers, and provisioning centers as we, hand in hand, navigate a fast-paced industry.

Our services include:

  • prelicensing attestations,
  • licensing and application support,
  • business entity selection and structuring,
  • accounting and financial statement preparation,
  • cash flow management,
  • tax planning and compliance, including Section 280(E) and Section 471,
  • state and Local taxes (Income, Sales Tax and Excise Tax),
  • internal control structuring and compliance reporting,
  • audit, review, compilation and other attestation services and,
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) suite of services.

We provide our clients with the best and brightest minds to tackle complex issues, including merger and acquisition deals, contract negotiation, tax planning and more.

Let us know how we can help you grow.